[Fsfe-ie] Microsoft threatening Denmark

Éibhear ifso at gibiris.org
Tue Feb 15 13:41:56 CET 2005


News on Groklaw
(http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20050215071109231) suggests that
when Bill Gates was last in Denmark, he threatened the country with the
loss of around 800 jobs if it didn't do his bidding on software patents.

1. Is the story confirmed? I know FFII has a statement, but are
   there sources independent of the danish newspaper mentioned,
   Børsen, for this story?
2. How do governments regard threats like this? I can't help but think
   they're effective on the grounds of "political reality" and, well,
3. Do we know how those who say that the commission's preferred
   directive would not permit "patents on pure software" would regard
   Mr. Gates' threat?
4. Has Microsoft threatened Ireland in the same manner?

I won't be able to attend this evening's meeting. My apologies.


Éibhear Ó hAnluain

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