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What time is the talk? Morning, afternoon or evening?


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Hi everyone,

A reminder and update. On Friday the 14th of January Georg Greve, the
current head of the Free Software Foundation, Europe, will be in
Dublin to give a free public talk. I am still waiting to hear the
precise location, but UCD Netsoc are hosting the talk, so it will be
on the UCD campus at Belfield. There will be no charge to attend.

If you know somebody who would be interested in attending this talk
then please pass this information on to them. The latest news will be
available from the IFSO web site: http://ifso.ie/

  On Friday, Jan 14th 2005, Georg Greve will held a talk about the
  challenges of Free Software in the digital age and about the work of the
  Free Software Foundation Europe. The talk will be held on the UCD campus
  on January 14th and will be open to the public.

Glenn Strong
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