What time? RE: [Fsfe-ie] Public talk by Georg Greve of the FSF-Europe

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon Jan 10 23:40:41 CET 2005

> I have just (literally this minute) had the location and time
> confirmed. Theatre Q (wherever that is - I shall find a map) is booked

 How to get here, take the bus number 10 or 46A from the city center
(they leve from nassau street/college green) The 10 will drop you in the
heart of ucd (Location 27 on the map below) and the 46A will drop you
just outside (Near Point A on the map below). The 11B From town will
also drop you close enough (somewhere near 46 on the map), and all
number 11 buese stop near Entrance B. If you're driving, from town
follow the junction signs for the N11 and turn off before you go under
the Belfield Overpass (only bridge with a road on it - few hundred
meters after the RTE Tower). Once in ucd use this map to guide yourself:
http://www.ucd.ie/maps/campusmap.jpg (arts block is number 14) When in
the arts block follow the coloured lines on the ground to find theather
Q - it's on the opposite side to L and M - Besite number 18 on the map). 
Here is an arial view of the arts building with the location of theatre 
Q maked on it: http://netsoc.ucd.ie/events/archive/map/
Possibly also usefull: http://www.ucd.ie/trans.htm

There is wifi in the arts block, though it's patchy and not the the 
lecture theatre. If we ajourn to a bar afterwards it will probably be in 
Jurys (quieter than the student bars - Located accross the bridge from 
entrance A), who knows - Netsoc might even open a tab. 


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