[Fsfe-ie] next bach of ifso cd's

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon Jan 17 17:53:15 CET 2005

Re ifso cds for students next year. My ideas. Please comment.
1. evaluate the use of dvd's - is there great enought market penetration?.
2. evaluate the use of multi-mode dvd, software and video on the same
disc. if some don't have a dvd drive to use the software can still view
the video - can said dvd also be bootable? If so what's compatability like
- will the stand alone dvd player try to boot it, will a playstation/xbox
think it's a game?.
3. evaleuate the use of the open cd menu system - very nice, required for
mass distribution (see 4)
4. Suggestions have been made to try get the cd included in the bags the
student's union hands out (usi paying for them if possible). If video was
included on a dvd an added incentive could be to put an hour or two of
video on the usi (student's union org for all seperate students unions in
ireland) on the dvd as well. This would help convince them it was a good
idea. How much is spent per bag normally - is a cd too costly?
5. If they went out in usi student packs that would entail a certian level
of publicity for ifso.
6. If they did go into student packs manually printing and folding paper
around the cd would be unfeasable, a booklet/printed cardboard sleeve
would be required (this year we saw that even with the cd wrapped in all
the info people still had to be told what it was and what it stood for, if
they went into student packs there would be no-one to tell students, the
cd/dvd's would have to speak for themselves)

Get answers to questions 1 - 3 (enough dvd's in pc's, multi-mode
possible?, look at "the open cd" menu)
Re: point 4, talk to/ask the netsocs about how the cd's went down last
year, ask them for formal comments endorsing the cd's to be included in
any proposals for funding (off usi hopefully)

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