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Ciaran McCabe ciaran at aoifecassidy.net
Fri Jan 21 18:24:44 CET 2005

On 21 Jan 2005, at 16:51, Glenn Strong wrote:

> On Friday, January 21, 2005 at 10:23 +0000, Glenn Strong wrote:
>> On Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 14:37 +0000, Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:
>>> http://wiki.ffii.org/Fish0501En
>> I think it's important we respond to this, though the time is tight.
> I've sent this along by fax & email. If we are lucky
> it will get read in time. If we are *very* lucky it will make a
> difference.
> Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Well done yourself.  Very short turnaround indeed!

Just got off the phone with the Dept of Ag and ENTEMP.  I explained 
that I was phoning as a 'concerned citizen' and wondering if:
Q1.  The minister was attending the meeting on Monday?
Q2.  If the directive is indeed on the A-List for Monday?

A1. Minister Coughlan's office in Donegal confirmed that the minister 
is intended to be in Brussels on Monday but could not confirm 
attendance at the meeting.
A2. The contact at the Department of Agriculture said that they have 
only received the A-list today and that she has not yet had time to go 
through it.  Therefore she could neither confirm nor deny the inclusion 
of the directive on the list.  She pointed me in the direction of the 
Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment who would have 
responsibility for this directive but they are unaware of the possible 
inclusion of the directive on Monday's Agriculture Council meeting 
agenda.  They are expecting it to show up at some Council meeting at 
some point.
Interestingly, it is not at all uncommon for such directives to be 
passed at Council meetings not related to the directive (such as this).

Also some comment I read from The European Voice indicates that Poland 
have come under severe pressure not to object to the item when it 
appears again.  Hardly a revelation.  What is more interesting is that 
they would seem to believe that it is expected in Monday!!

After over an hour on the phone my head is swimming.  I have the vague 
feeling that I've learned a whole lot but can't articulate much of it 
in any kind of coherent way.


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