[Fsfe-ie] [Info] BBC Radio 4 : In Business :"Breaking Down of the Patent System"

Adam Moran adam at webarchitects.co.uk
Mon Jan 24 18:33:09 CET 2005



This may be worth a listen. ( It doesn't really get started until 1 min 
20 sec and talks about the U.S. model until 16 mins. )

'Interesting' ideas coming from the Director ( and ex-head ) of the U.S. 
Patent Office ... to paraphrase "an increase in the number of patents 
means an increase in the number of innovations" ... that is

	Patents = Innovations

The authors of "Innovation and Its Discontents" [1] counter this 
argument. So does Lawrence Lessig. So does Joe Kraus ( ex exite.com )

Also Dominique Guellec of the European Patent Office makes some good points.


[1] http://www.pupress.princeton.edu/titles/7810.html

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