[Fsfe-ie] next bach of ifso cd's

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon Jan 24 22:23:56 CET 2005

> I've made a list of suggestions.  David, should I post them here or make a
> wiki page for them?


> The main thing is to add Emacs and a replace Mozilla with Firefox or
> Epiphany.  The rest are really just UI/menu tweaks.
> > Perhaps we can set up a working group to help David?
> This seems like a good fit for a wiki page or three, y/n?


> > On the issue of CDs vs DVDs, there's probably a lot of old computers out
> > there without DVD drives
> I'd agree here.

True, though the new software is gonna make an old pc grind espically 
running off a cd. And everyone has a DVD player to watch to moveies on 
the cd (will work like a normal DVD hopefully). I bought myself a DVD 
writer yesterday and 50 blanks to start playing anyhow. 

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