[Fsfe-ie] Our Council rep

Teresa Hackett teresahackett at eircom.net
Tue Jan 25 18:38:52 CET 2005

Thanks, Ryan, for the correction.
I knew she was one of the "three hail Mary's"-picked the wrong one! A
previous message to the list indicated that the meeting would be attended by
Mary Coughlan, but perhaps this was the wrong meeting? Not sure. Interesting
was Pat the Cope Gallagher - I met him at a public library conference in
Portugal a couple of years back, so he's aware of access to information type
issues. And the COREPER rep I gave is from Marine section, not agriculture.


On 25/01/2005 16:22, "Teresa Hackett" <teresahackett at eircom.net> wrote:
> Mmmm, our Council rep for this issue is the Minister for Trade &
> (Mr Martin), backed up by civil servants in Dublin (ENTEMP-see their
> website) and the Council civil servants in Brussels (COREPER-see below).
> Because the vote might be taken at the fisheries meeting, then the present
> is the Min for Agriculture (Mrs Hanafin). The civil servants have been
> dealing with this issue from the start, it's new for the Minister(s)
> they're new in post.

Just a small correction to your email - the Minister for Agriculture is Mary
Coughlan, not Mary Hanafin.  Also, the fisheries function falls under the
Minister for Communications, the Marine and Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey.
I'm not sure if this means that it will be Dempsey who attends the meeting
rather than Mary Coughlan.  A third possibility is Dempsey's junior
minister, Pat the Cope Gallagher, who seems to take a more direct interest
in fisheries issues.


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