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Fri Jul 15 15:33:30 CEST 2005

Thanks Ian and Teresa (esp. for the link) for getting back to me.  The PDF with
the text will make much more interesting (train or bedtime) reading given your
views on how it could be used.  Georg Greve's opinion will focus us more.
To follow up on David's post, if circumvention of 'Dodgy DRM' is criminalised,
then also behind bars will be those using media players with libdvdcss enabled,
or those who simply have it on their distro without even knowing?
Next obvious question; have we in the EU learned anything from Dmitri Sklyrov
and the eBook reader?  Looks like we haven't.  What I really can't wait to find
out is "What IS IP (when it's at home)".  Seems to be a moving target which
is why Stallman focused on it.
Comparing with the Patents Directive, this looks like "same destination, different
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