[Fsfe-ie] Opinions on the installer?

- M e l - hashbang at oceanfree.net
Mon Jul 25 17:51:48 CEST 2005

Appreciate the feedback so far.  I cringe at web-polls but it would be nice to
know how people feel about this.  My take on it was that with our last CD, I
could feel real smug showing how easy it was to install and let the user go
away and repeat (usually on their second PC).

IMHO, if we're doing any work on the CD (in terms of Firefox homepage and links
etc) we may as well track down an installer as well.  I'll look at the ones
on my usbstick tonight (if the socket behaves).

Sorry Malcolm, but I nearly always install these things somewhere on something
to poke and play with it and see how good it is.  Maybe I'm in a minority?!

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