[Fsfe-ie] Revised instructions for CD installer

- M e l - hashbang at oceanfree.net
Thu Jul 28 18:01:42 CEST 2005

Hi All

Appreciate so many fast responses, so before anyone wastes any time on it, here's
an update.

Motivation: I want to show off Ubuntu at the appropriate speed
Secondly:   It blows the 'difficult to install' myth right out of the water

Instructions as before with these corrections:
Packages needed (I think, see problem below)

gengrubmenu2 (Got off net, probably on HoaryCD as well
grub (Hoary CD)
grub-installer (HoaryCD)
pivotroot (can't remember where I got it, net I think, probably Hoary)

OK -what I THOUGHT was causing the installer to segfault with the last instructions
was permissions on some file or other (Or the absense of pivot_root).

Interestingly with all of the above, I STILL segfaulted on the partitioning

I THINK the reason was that no partition had been created.  I created a 2gb
ntfs and left the rest free.  This confused morphixinstaller under both sets
of instructions.

The spare PC is loading fine now (Oh, just finished, loading, congratulating,
Looks like instructions set one MAY have worked only for my disk layout.

Thanks for all the replies.  I'll take stock and post tomorrow evening with
something substantial and keep a fleeting eye on the mailbox meanwhile!

ps: Dammit, grub didn't setup right...

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