[Fsfe-ie] 2005-06-20 or 06-06? JURI vote

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Fri Jun 3 16:23:39 CEST 2005

On June 20th, JURI meets to decide what amendments will be voted on by the
parliament.  July 6th is the parliament vote.

(the JURI meeting was previously expected to happen on June 6th, so some out
 of date pages may give that wrong date)

The main point of the JURI meeting is to delete duplicate amendments, and
merge near-duplicate amendments to produce a more understandable voting list
for the parliament.  Example: There's been 260 amendments tabled, but the
FFII's 22 amendments were tabled 5 times, so 4 copies of each will be
deleted by JURI.

So the outcome of the JURI meeting is usually non-surprising, but there is a
lack of knowledge about what is *possible* in the JURI meeting.  Because
this directive has caused an number of things to happen in the legislative
process that have never happened before, there is no precedent for what
*can* happen with directives like the swpats directive.

Some say JURI are allowed to produce a compromise set of amendments, which
would involve merging currently tabled amendments, with possible
modification to their content.

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