[Fsfe-ie] Buisness Cards

David O'Callaghan david.ocallaghan at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Jun 9 10:39:11 CEST 2005


On 08/06/05 23:38, David Cathcart wrote:
> Talked about getting buisness cards printed recentally in meetings
> (check minutes).
> Slightly re-arranged the previous design and added a back to it (what is
> free software - suggested by Ciaran)
> http://ifso.ie/documents/promotion/businessCard.test-DavidC.png
> http://ifso.ie/documents/promotion/businessCard.test-DavidC.svg
> Please comment, any ideas/better layouts much appericiated.

I do like the idea of including the principles of Free Software, but I 
think a bit of blank space is useful for writing email addresses, phone 
numbers, URLs, etc. Perhaps we could modify the back to remove the black 
bars and the "watermark": this would give us about half the card blank.

> I think the plan was to give members a few each to help promote Free
> Software.
> RE: printing, current best deal seems to be:
> http://www.vistaprint.ie/vp/ns/splash/splash_businesscards.aspx They can
> do us 1000 color front black back for under 100euro, again if you know
> of someone who can do us a better deal let me know.

That sounds good, and better than Reads: €130 for 1000 colour 
(single-sided, I think).


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