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Fri Jun 10 12:21:00 CEST 2005

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Thanks to Barbara Stratton, CILIP. From Amicus, the UK's largest 
manufacturing, technical and skilled persons' union.

*New rule restricts EU lobbying*

The European Parliament has implemented a new rule that severely 
restricts access to voluntary organisations for lobbying purposes. The 
new rule means only organisations that have a base in Brussels can apply 
for passes to the Parliament. The new restrictions will have a serious 
impact on UK lobbyists without a Brussels base, who previously would 
have had unlimited access to the Parliament. In the future lobbyists 
will have to arrange for a staff member from an MEP’s office to sign in 
and chaperone them. The NCVO (National Council of Voluntary 
Organisations, UK) is currently liasing with the Parliament security 
department to see if there are ways in which this issue can be overcome. 
Rachael Maskell, Amicus National Officer said “although we can see the 
problems involved with ensuring that security and safety at the 
Parliament are properly addressed, Amicus is very unhappy with the 
restrictions being put in place for organisations within the sector. 
This will have a detrimental effect on smaller organisations who do not 
have a base in Brussels for economic reasons but may nevertheless have 
serious issues to discuss. This rule represents a significant reversal 
of the Parliament’s historic commitment to open democracy and civil 
dialogue” For further information contact Nolan Quigley at the NCVO, on 
020-7520-2550 or email _Nolan.Quigley at ncvo-vol.org.uk_ 
<mailto:Nolan.Quigley at ncvo-vol.org.uk>

/Amicus in the Community & Non profit Sector, Issue 10, June 2005/

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