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Thu Jun 23 08:50:06 CEST 2005

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Ciaran O'Riordan writes:
> David Golden <david at> writes:
> > Note that the ISA has a member company list [1] (save a copy...), 
> > several of whom are supposedly pro-linux, and others whose businesses 
> > are pretty closely tied to things like apache+php.  It might be worth 
> > IFSO querying them
> Yes! this is a great idea.
> >>From my resultless attempts to get the Small Firms Association and the Irish
> Small & Medium Enterprises association to make an anti-swpat statement, I've
> learned that the pressure/suggestion has to come from the members.

BTW I've had no luck finding contacts for either of those...

> Showing Article 5 paragraph 2 of the Council's text to people that support
> the Common Position could make them think.  Here it is:
>   A claim to a computer program, either on its own or on a carrier, shall
>   not be allowed unless the program would, when loaded and executed in a
>   programmable computer, programmable computer network or other programmable
>   apparatus, put into force a product or process claimed in the same patent
>   application in accordance with paragraph 1.
> (since products and processes are pantentable, and the only extra
>  requirement is that the program runs on a computer: the "unless" means
>  nothing and all programs are patentable.  Why the dorky wording?  If
>  software patents are good, why not say so?)

Is that the current wording, since Monday?  That's awful. :(

- --j.
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