[Fsfe-ie] Gay Mitchell

Bryan O'Donoghue typedef at eircom.net
Sun Jun 26 22:39:11 CEST 2005

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

>>It's worth noting Gay Mitchell, has always been in favour of software
> I thought he stated that he would follow Simon Coveney.

Did he ?

So he did.

However I say what I say due to his previous position.


And at this stage, to be citing a delegation of SMEs from Ireland as a
'reason' to swing back to the patent camp, could quite easily be viewed
as a little self serving to back up a position that Mr Mitchell seems
... instinctively to take, ie, a perceived pro-business position.

Perhaps you're right though, and it would be jumping to conclusions
pre-emptively, to castigate Mr Mitchell.

Still though, the intonation (cross-section of interested parties) is
exactly the sort of rhetoric politicians use, when justifying these
kinds of positions for a particular piece of legislation... "The
business community from small to large players is behind this <directive
| legislation | large pink rabbit for president>".

You are quite right though, Mr Mitchell still might vote against... or
throw his weight behind an amendment to the directive, that would be
consistent with closing the loop holes recently introduced by the JURI


Lets wait and see, before burning the effigy's ... good call.

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