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From: "Simon Gentry" <simon.gentry at campaignforcreativity.org>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 19:52:01 +0100
Subject: CII: One week to go!

Dear supporter

We have just over a week to go until the European Parliament decides on
the future of Europe's high technology industry. Once the decision is
it is final, so the situation is urgent. In the coming days we will be
placing advertisements in the press to emphasise that Europe's
small and medium sized companies support the continued patentability of
computer implemented inventions. The advertisement consists of the
statement below sets out why patents are so important and the
of as many small and medium sized companies as possible. Please read
statement below and sign up, then send us an electronic copy of your
signature or a fax with your signature attached (00 44 (0)20 8742
This really is the last chance we have to convince MEPs not to make the
disastrous decision of abolishing patents for the high-technology
industry. We really do depend on your support. Please help us to help
Finally if you have any colleagues in other companies that you think
participate, please as them to do so.

Europe?s SMEs need patents to protect their innovations

We, the undersigned, support the continued patentability of
high-technology inventions in Europe.

    * Patents protect small and medium sized companies against larger
    * players  that may wish to commercially exploit their work without
    * paying for the  privilege.
    * Copyright protects the actual software code, but it does not
    * the  invention; only a patent can do that.
    * Patents are public documents and therefore enhance transparency.
    * Without  them companies would be much more secretive about their
    * work.
    * Patents do not threaten open source software. Open source and
    * patents have  co-existed for years. In fact open source is
    * even in the United  States which has a very robust patent system.
    * Europe cannot stand alone as the only economic region in the
    * where  high-tech patents are forbidden.
    * Patents stimulate competition by forcing companies for seek new
    * approaches  to technical problems. Without patents there will be
    * less real competition, as  companies will simply copy their
    * competitors inventions.
    * Patents enable investment in new and growing companies. Why would
    * any  investor risk his or her money if they knew that larger
    * competitors would be  able to copy the inventions of smaller or
    * smarter competitors?
    * Patents on computer implemented inventions have been granted by
    * patent  office for thirty years, with no evidence that they
    * innovation ? in  fact all the evidence is that they protect and
    * enhance innovation.

The best way of protecting innovation and securing Europe?s
high-technology future is for the Members of the European Parliament to
reject all amendments or abstain during the vote on computer





Protect innovation, protect patents: Take action now!
Go to http://www.campaignforcreativity.org and send an email to your

Simon Gentry
Campaign for Creativity
Studio 1.18
Power Road Studios
Power Road
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00 44 (0)77 6027 4414

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