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Also she sent out this PR in January


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> Subject: Software Patents - Innovation or Litigation? - Doyle
>  For The East
> Leader of the Irish Delegation of the EPP-ED
> Monday 31st January 2005
> Software Patents - Innovation or Litigation?
> ·          Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates to address MEPs
> ·          Doyle questions the impact of proposed Software Patents 
> Directive
> Speaking in advance of meetings to be held tomorrow (Tuesday) between 
> Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, and representatives of the 
> European Parliament, Avril Doyle MEP called on the Council and the 
> Parliament to carefully consider the implications of the draft 
> directive on computer implemented inventions or the "Software Patents 
> Directive".
> The Directive, which is currently being debated in the European 
> Council, prior to a second reading in the Parliament, aims to clarify 
> and harmonise the laws of the EU Member States, in line with Europe´s 
> obligations under the WTO’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of 
> Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The implications of this 
> legislation for Irish software developers and the economy at large are 
> a matter of great concern. It will considerably clarify strengthen the 
> mandate of the European Patents Office by codifying existing case-law.
> Doyle said "While a proper legislative framework is required to 
> provide legal certainty for businesses operating in the area of 
> software development, we need to be extremely careful that the right 
> balance is struck between safeguarding affordable access to basic 
> information for both large and small IT companies, and protecting the 
> intellectual property of developers who design genuinely innovative 
> products".
> "Protection for legitimate investment in research and development is 
> essential to foster innovation, however US-style patents are not the 
> only option. The effects of large-scale pre-emptive patenting by the 
> software industry big players is a highly contentious issue in the 
> United States. Many experts are of the belief that the US patenting 
> system has directly led to the establishment of monopolies and a 
> consequent reduction in competition - the end result of which has been 
> a restriction of choice and increased prices for consumers. 
> Legislators in Europe must learn from the experience of the United 
> States before setting rules at a European level. I will be very 
> interested to hear the views of Mr. Gates in relation to this debate".
> Commenting on the key points of dispute in the draft Directive, Doyle 
> said "Above all, we do not want to go down the road of instigating 
> lengthy legal battles. The wording of the Directive must be 
> sufficiently unambiguous to keep disputes over intellectual property 
> in this highly dynamic field out of court in so far as possible. 
> Without a clear definition of what constitutes a "technical 
> contribution to the state of the art", that takes into account rapid 
> technological advances, the legislation will not be worth the paper it 
> is written on".
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> For further information please contact:
> Majella O Doherty M: 00 32 475 75 22 53 E: modoherty at europarl.eu.int
> Or Avril Doyle MEP for the East
> T: 00 32 2 28 47584
> - The Fine Gael Delegation belongs to the EPP-ED which is the largest 
> and most influential political group in the European Parliament.
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