[Fsfe-ie] McCreevy: Commission will take "utmost account" of Parliament amendments

Adam Moran adam at webarchitects.co.uk
Mon Mar 14 19:10:26 CET 2005


Thanks for the decryption.

11/03/05 17:39 Fergal Daly wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 05:09:48PM +0000, Adam Moran wrote:

>>Should you decide to propose commitments under the framework agreement.
> This is not a sentence. If you replace the . with , and read commitments as
> amendments (maybe they're the same thing in legal speak) then it makes some
> sense...

Sorry. I mistyped this [ Charlie McCreevy's ] sentence.

It reads:

   "Should you decide to propose amendments, the Commission will take 
the utmost account of them, in full respect of our commitments under the 
framework agreement."

I wonder if this 'framework agreement' is the same thing as the 
'conciliation process' ?

12/03/05 14:19 Alex Macfie wrote:

> A "conciliation" process is initiated between the EU, Council and Commission.  This takes 6 weeks. The text resulting from conciliation is then presented to the EP, which must vote either "yes" or "no" to the whole text, no amendments are possible. If yes, it's adopted, if no, it's totally scrapped. 

Adam M

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