[Fsfe-ie] Irish Software Assoc-

Teresa Hackett teresahackett at eircom.net
Mon Mar 21 15:35:27 CET 2005

"Commercial Supplement", I think.
 >Exactly. Today there's a feature on "Leasing Plans".

>I have not (bothered to) read the whole thing but I think Teresa has
>already quoted the two sections that most concern us.
 >There was one other interesting quote which I couldn't re-find. This 
said that software companies in Ireland are characterised by the fact 
that they have products (as opposed to services, I suppose). This 
apparantly came about because in order to get support from Enterprise 
Ireland, a company had to have and to *own* a product i.e. they had to 
have the IP rights to that product.

Hence perhaps the philosophy behind the Irish govt pushing the software 
patent directive.

Question: do IFSO want to respond to Mr Friel?

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