[Fsfe-ie] Previous meeting with MEP Brian Crowley

Sean O'Donnell sean at odonnell.nu
Thu Mar 31 16:10:08 CEST 2005

>He backed up his copyright beliefs by citing a George Harrison copyright
>case.  Crowley said that Harrison lost the case despite never having heard
>the music it was claimed he copied.  Thus, copyright required newness, and
>Harisson lost because his work was not new.
>On later research, I read that Harrison never claimed not to have heard the
>song he was accused of copying.  Crowley had clearly mixed up the facts, or
>had mixed up facts fed to him.
Unless I am very much mistaken, Independent invention is a legitimate 
defence against a copyright
claim , unlike a patent claim, anyone care to correct me?

If I am correct then copyright does not require 'newness'

I know that we are both saying the same thing, I am just wondering if 
anyone else can confirm that?


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