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Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Fri Nov 18 19:33:26 CET 2005

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Georg C. F. Greve writes:
>  || On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 10:41:55 -0800
>  || jm at jmason.org (Justin Mason) wrote: 
>  jm> Even EFF allows membership at $25, and their average membership
>  jm> fee is apparently $65.  That's a lot lower.
> The minimum contribution is 60 EUR. 120 EUR is the recommended amount,
> everyone gets to choose how much they can and want to contribute, some
> have contributed more, more have contributed less.

60 EUR is a *lot* more palatable, in my opinion!

It's a matter of scale; you need to find the "sweet spot" for a sufficient
number of prospective donators. If it was made clear that 120 EUR is just
a suggestion, and not the minimum, you may see more, in my opinion.

- --j.

> I'm not sure what the $25 to EFF entail, but with all the things the
> Fellowship offers -- in particular the SmartCard -- this would mainly
> cover the costs and not contribute to our work. Counting the time
> invested, it might even amount to a loss.
> The minimum amount of 60 EUR breaks down to 5 EUR per month, or a
> weekly contribution of 1.25 EUR. So we are talking in the scope of
>  * one beer per month
>  * one expensive cappucino per month
>  * one cheap pizza per month
> or
>  * one croissant per week
>  * one bag of chips every two weeks
>  * a liter of milk per week
> which we hope enough people will find themselves willing to invest in
> something they believe in. Knowing that this is the kind of commitment
> all Fellows make also makes the Fellowship numbers more meaningful.
> Regards,
> Georg
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