[Fsfe-ie] Cultivate Centre

Anthony ant at elivefree.net
Fri Oct 14 23:43:02 CEST 2005

> http://www.sustainable.ie/cultivate/
> I hadn't heard of them before, but the introduction before the talk 
> mentioned their concerns with "sustainability" and made me feel
> that Free Software might be there kind of thing. In fact, I searched
> their site and discovered:
> 1. They screened Revolution OS in 2003
> 2. They are offering an "intership" developing their IT stuff:
> http://www.sustainable.ie/cultivate/internships.htm
> which explicitly uses Free Software tools. I think we should make
> contact but, before e-mailing them out-of-the-blue, I thought I'd
> see if anyone on the list is involved with them.

Hi all,

In the past, I've done a bit of volunteer work with environmental groups 
including Cultivate. It's been a while since I've been with them but 
they're a good bunch of people and are quite committed to the use of 
Free Software as part of a sustainable computing solution.

Another volunteer (Meinhard) who has since left the country had 
previously set up one well-specced PC running Red Hat (RH9 IIRC) and 
LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) along with a number of low-spec 
disk-less thin clients that they had obtained from Electronic Recycling. 
It was very well set up and while I was there, I just helped add a few 
more thin clients to the network, tweaked their Samba set-up and 
installed a couple of packages on the server along with a little more 
end-user tech support. The majority of people working there were using 
this system aside from one desktop and one laptop running MS Windows.

It's been a while since I've been in there but they used to have a PC so 
that members of the public could try out a FOSS computing system. I've 
often thought that there premises would be a good place to distribute 
Live CDs. I've been meaning to talk to them about it but I don't be in 
town as much as I used to be and never got around to it.


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