[Fsfe-ie] ISA representative in print and on radio

Ben North ben at redfrontdoor.org
Fri Oct 21 16:52:41 CEST 2005

At a recent meeting we were trying to remember names of journalists who
had covered the swpat issue, and Malcolm then did some research.  One of
the articles he came up included a quote from

> Bernadette Cullinan, chairwoman of the ISA, ("an important method of
> promoting innovation in the sector was through protecting
> intellectual property rights").

This is most likely the same person who was on RTE Morning Ireland on
the morning of the vote.  I posted at the time to fsfe-ie:

> The Morning Ireland show this morning had another piece on the swpat
> directive, and as when they've covered the issue previously, it was
> fairly one-sided.  They had a representative of the Irish Software
> Association on, Bernadette (can't recall surname) I think, who was given
> the opportunity to repeat the usual propaganda.  The interviewer did
> raise the view that small businesses would be harmed, but the ISA rep
> then just said she disagreed strongly and claimed to represent
> businesses of all sizes.  The ISA rep also started off by claiming that
> the directive just harmonised patent application practices and
> appplication and enforcement procedures, which is a line I've seen more
> in the past week or two.  The interview was pretty soft, and introduced
> ISA rep by saying that she was very strongly in one camp --- doesn't
> this mean that they really should have found someone from the other camp
> to talk to as well?

 dated 20050706]

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