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Hi all,

as some of you already know and for the information of the others:

There is another nasty directive being brought up by the European
Commission, putting together the more contentious the remains of the
infamous "IPR Enforcement Directive" (IPRED). This new directive,
which many of us have begun referring to as IPRED II, seeks to
introduce criminal sanctions for "infringement of intellectual
property on a commercial scale."

IPRED II could get nasty for many of us and is likely to create
massive problems for professional authors, artists and programmers:

In the current legal environment, just doing their job puts all of
them in constant danger of infringement. Trying to prove that they did
not intend to infringe might be difficult -- and this directive will
largely foreclose the possibility to settle things peacefully between
parties as such settlement is unlikely in criminal court cases.

We will need to build up force against this so it does not pass as
silently as IPRED was passed.

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has put up a web page
explaining the directive and things that we could work for at


Please check it out and let others know this is headed our way.


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