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     = Boot-time problems =
    - ( to follow )
    + == Why might the computer ignore my bootable CD ==
    + For those who never bother looking at these '''mysterious messages''' that appear before the familiar boot-time logos and splash screens, it's time to start looking now...  If your computer appears to ignore the fact that there's a bootable CD in the drive, the most likely cause is that the '''''computer is configured to look for a hard disk before looking for a CD''''' to boot from.  Unless something very strange has happened, it will probably find a hard disk, and boot from that.
    + == Other possible reasons ==
    + On one computer I use, I need to use a '''Smart Boot Manager''' floppy disk if I want to boot from CD!!  This is because the laptop in question gives up looking for a bootable CD, '''before''' the CD spins up... silly manufacturer! 
    + An image of the Smart boot manager disk is kept on many Live CDs, and if you think you need one, or have any questions, mail to ''midlands'' _a_t_ ''linux.ie''.
    + == How do I fix the boot sequence ==
    + Read the top paragraph again.  In among these messages will be a reference to something like...
    +  * F2 - Setup
    +  * Del - Bios Setup
    +  * Hit Esc - Bios Settings
    ... URL: http://www.ifso.ie/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi/SoftwareFreedomDay/Helpdesk/BootTime?action=diff

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