[Fsfe-ie] help request baby distro graphics and dpkg

Paul O'Malley ompaul at eircom.net
Sat Aug 5 23:52:33 CEST 2006

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Hi All,

Brian Brazil and myself are working on "(yet) another distro" which
requires some help.
We can manage, however here are the most useful contributions we could
have at this time.

Someone who has some time they could give in the next month or so, and
is _very_ familiar with dpkg.

The help of an artist.

What we would like is if people could put up their own pictures and
mail me a URL for them. When we are finished this process we would
like to display all the pictures on the distros site.

The graphics do have to be released under an FSF approved licence. It
is a live install CD based on Ubuntu and Debian, with no binary blobs.
We have not tested every package in main, however we are given to
understand that all software in "main and universe" are free software.
We know about the deps of some non free software so are engineering
that out of the distro. We have made enough progress for us to say it

We would like to display this distro in Blooms Hotel next Saturday
12th August. However the distro still looks like the the original
source material.

These graphics are not for Gnubuntu or Ubuntu-libre, that is a
separate project. We are also working on such a fork. We will be
looking to the Ubuntu Community for support with that. We do not need
to do that just yet.

Until we get this right, it is still one big merge fest. We have not
resolved all issues at this time, however as we need help be sure you
will be alerted to same.

With regards to naming it, there are two great names in the offing,
the puns are worth the wait. :-)

Anyway enough of the technical things, other than to say it must be in
svg format so we can make all sorts of sizes from it.

If you need inspiration I would really like the following to be it
logo for example:

Three Gnus, close enough together to be one graphic. All should be

The main character should be sitting on the left, holding or playing
the bodhran while looking to the right*.*
The tipper or beater does not have to be in action.
Shamrocks/harps are allowed on the bodhran.

The second character, in the middle facing the foreground, should be
playing the tin/penny whistle.

The third character should be sitting on the right with a set of
Uilleann pipes trailing to the left of the group and looking to the

The reason the main character is the bodhran playing one is the main
character is to display the concept of banging the drum for free
software. At the moment we are considering the image of  the "the
dynamic duo" graphic as the place holder.

We would also like the following, a picture of a gnu pouring or
drinking a cup of tea, again this image needs to be in svg format. :-)


Paul O'Malley
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