[Fsfe-ie] IPR Protection of Software: Copyright, Patent, and/or Open Source? Workshop in Helsinki

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we are in process of organizing the seminar below. It is turning to be
quite interesting, we have already 4 persons coming from EPO etc.
there's going to be some rather interesting discussions..


PS: NGO rate is the same as the academic rate.


Workshop: IPR Protection of Software: Copyright, Patent, and/or Open Source?


The aim of the workshop is to bring together the communities of software
economists, lawyers and decision makers to discuss the state of research
and practice on dealing with intellectual property rights and competion
law on software.




Hotel Linna
Helsinki, Finland
Lönnrotinkatu 29

Rooms: single 120 eur, double 140 eur.

*Registration and Participation Fee*

Please send email about the registration to:
Ville.Oksanen at hut.fi before 1st of September.

Academic: 85 EUR
Corporate: 400 EUR

The fee should be payed to
BANK-ID: SAMPO / account of Scandinavian Association of Law and Economics
ACCOUNT NR: 800019-70984622
IBAN: FI1580001970984622

The registration fee includes admission to the workshop, breakfast and
lunch on Friday and a copy of the proceedings.

*** Programme ***
Day 1. 21.-22.9.2006


Richard Watt (SERCI) / Juha Laine (Helsinki University of Technology)
- Opening of the Seminar


Jyrki Katainen  Chairman, The Commitee for the Future, Finnish parliament
- Keynote Speech


Mr. Jukka Liedes (Ministry of Education)
- The History of Software Copyright

Professor Richard Watt
- The History of Software Econonomics

14:50    Break

15:00    Presentation

Professor Stan Liebowitz (University of Texas)
- What Economics Can Teach Us about Regulation in Software

16:00    Coffee Break

16:30    Presentation

Professor Francois Leveque (Ecole des mines de Paris)
- Software, Antitrust and IPRs

17:30    Closing day 1.

19:30    Dinner


Day 2. - 22.9.

8:30-9:00 Breakfast

9:00     Presentations -
Empirical view on Software Industry

Professor Heli Koski (Helsinki School of Economics)
- The Results of EU-wide Software Business Survey

Professor Knut Blind (Technical University in Berlin)
- The European Software Industry and Software Patents

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Presentation

Dr. Mikko Mustonen - University of Helsinki
- Open Source and Economics

12:00    Lunch

13:00    Presentation

  Victor Vazquez López, Senior Legal Counsellor, WIPO
   - Current Issues in the Protection of Software - WIPO Initiatives I

14:00   Policy panel

         Mikko Välimäki, Helsinki University of Technology / Hanken
         Georg Grave, Chairman, Free Software Foundation Europoe

16:00    Closing of The Workshop

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