[Fsfe-ie] Latest on March 16th event: FOSS Means Business

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Tue Feb 14 16:55:52 CET 2006

1. What is set
2. What's not finished
3. What we need people to do

1. What is set:

* The name (new) is "FOSS Means Business"

* The keynote speakers are Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens

* A substantial part of Stallman's presentation will be about GPLv3

* The date is March 16th, and it's whole-day event, probably 10am to 5:30pm

* The venue is Spires, Belfast

2. What's not finished:

* setting the timetable for the day - this is only half set

* confirming some speakers

* raising funds for improving the event's appearance (we have 2000 sterling,
  which covers the venue and loads of tea and coffee and buscuits, but we
  are still waiting on funding for a meal and welcome packs)

3. What we need people to do

Publicise this.  Tell everyone to book the day out of the office, and to get
their boss to do the same.

* We need to tell mailing lists (Linux, free software, Unix, system
  administrators, creative commons, computer societies, computer-user lists,
  college societies, anything lists like that)

* blogs: blog about this and get others to do so too.

* Post to forums: I don't participate in many forums, so I don't know much
  about this, but there must be people here that do know

* Send emails to news sites, and other sites, that have Events pages.  Many
  sites like this exist.  I've so far gotten this mentioned on
  http://www.ukuug.org/diary/ and on http://enn.ie/events.html 

* If you have business contact lists, please inform them informally if that
  is acceptable, or do so formally when we have a formal announcement ready

* If you have press contacts, there will be a press release made about this,
  hopefully on Friday, so please be ready to forward that or tell someone
  (like myself) the details for contacting that journalist / press person

* contribute to the wiki:
  (That is the official event wiki, for the public, so remember that the IT
  managers that we are trying to impress will be looking there.)

* reply to this mail and tell me what I've forgotten

When I put "foss means business" into google (including quotes), I get zero
hits right now, so we can gauge how effective our web presence is spreading
by checking that each day.  Every new hit will be because of us.

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