[Fsfe-ie] Latest on March 16th event: FOSS Means Business

Adam Moran adam at webarchitects.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 15:15:07 CET 2006


14/02/06 15:55 Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

> * contribute to the wiki:
>   http://belfoss.org
>   (That is the official event wiki, for the public, so remember that the IT
>   managers that we are trying to impress will be looking there.)

I've made this page but I've not linked to it:


> When I put "foss means business" into google (including quotes), I get zero
> hits right now, so we can gauge how effective our web presence is spreading
> by checking that each day.  Every new hit will be because of us.

There's 13 there now - lucky for some ;)

>> * reply to this mail and tell me what I've forgotten

One thing that sprang to mind is that some folk tend to ignore stuff if 
they get it for nothing. For instance the political groups on the sunny 
streets of Sheffield always try and sell you their comics rather than 
give you the words of wisdom; the theory is that if you have to buy 
something, your more likely to take it home and read it so that you 
don't feel ripped-off. I dunno if folk actually read the stuff, but I 
seldom see the rags with a price littering the streets.

( I understand also that some trick-cyclists make folk pay for cures as 
they claim it as a placebo effect. )

> * raising funds for improving the event's appearance 

Maybe have a conference charge for those groups that know the price of 
everything and the worth of nothing.

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