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Adam Moran adam at
Mon Feb 27 15:09:29 CET 2006

Hi Jonas,

23/02/06 17:25 Jonas Oberg wrote:

> Adam Moran wrote:
>> Snap. We're putting one together at the moment though with 
>> under this call: FP6-2005-IST-6 : Advanced 
>> search technologies for digital audio-visual content.
> That's interesting. Could you tell us a bit more about this?

We intend to develop a Knowledge Transfer Network for the production, 
publishing and distribution of learning and community media. We plan to 
use RSS and Bittorrent technologies for distribution in a similar way as
Democracy Player [1] and BroadCatching [2].

We intend to develop an appropriate metadata schema based around Dublin 
Core and folksonomy [3].

We intend to develop a multilingual terminology management system ( eg. 
Pangloss [4]) to facilitate knowledge transfer.

We intend to research and develop methods to enable audio-visual content 
to be played via existing devices, like television sets and car radios.

> The FSF Europe participated in five proposals during the last round 
> (coordinating one), and one of those proposals (so far) has gone through 
> and is now in negotiation stages.

I understand that the success rates for applications from Small and 
Medium-Sized Enterprises for FP6 is about 10 %. I suspect that this is 
due to both the (small) amount of time a SME can give to applications, 
and to the lack of specialist know-how on how to put together a FP6 bid.

I would be interested to have your take on this and how we can help 
better the chances of FOSS in funding bids -- ideally to feed in to this 
event .


[1] Democracy Player

[2] BroadCatching



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