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EICTA (European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics
Technology Industry Association) has set up a slick website with a 
catchy name to promote DRM in  europe called.... Europe4drm.

See it here http ://www.europe4drm.com


About EICTA ( from their website)

It was founded in 1999 and is the voice of the Information and
Communications Technology and Consumer Electronics Industry in Europe. 
It is composed of 47 major multinational companies and 31 national
associations from 21 European countries. In all, EICTA represents more
than 10,000 companies all over Europe with more than 2 million employees
and EUR 200 billion in revenues.

The membership of EICTA:

Direct Company Members:
Accenture, Agilent, Alcatel, Apple, Bang&Olufsen, Blaupunkt, Bull, 
Canon, Cisco, Corning, Dell, EADS, Epson, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, 
HP, IBM, Infineon, Intel, JVC, Kenwood, Lexmark, LG Electronics, Loewe 
Opta, Lucent, Marconi, Matsushita, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, 
Nortel, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sanyo, SAP, Sharp, Siemens, Sony, Sun
Microsystems, Texas Instruments, Thales, Thomson, Toshiba.

National Trade Associations:
Austria: FEEI; Belgium: AGORIA; Czech Republic: SPIS; Denmark: ITEK, 
ZVEI; Greece: SEPE; Hungary: IVSZ; Italy: ANIE, ASSINFORM; Ireland: ICT 
Ireland; Latvia: LITTA; Malta : ITTS; Netherlands: Nederland-ICT; 
Norway: ABELIA, IKT Norge; Poland: KIGEIT, PIIT; Slovenia: GZS; Spain: 
AETIC; Sweden: IT Företagen; Switzerland: SWICO, SWISSMEM; United 
Kingdom: INTELLECT; Turkey: ECID, TESID.

The BSA (Business Software Alliance) is the foremost organization
dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world. BSA is the voice 
of the world's commercial software industry before governments and in 
the international marketplace. Its members represent the fastest growing
industry in the world. BSA educates consumers on software management and
copyright protection, cyber security, trade, e-commerce and other
Internet-related issues.

BSA members include Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Bentley Systems,
Borland, Cisco Systems, CNC Software/Mastercam, HP, IBM, Intel, Internet
Security Systems, Intuit, Macromedia, Microsoft, Network Associates,
PeopleSoft, RSA Security, SolidWorks, Sybase, Symantec, UGS PLM 
Solutions and VERITAS Software.

Michelle Childs -Head of European Affairs
Consumer Project on Technology in London
24, Highbury Crescent, London, N5 1RX,UK.
Tel:+44(0)207 226 6663 ex 252.
Mob:+44(0)790 386 4642. Fax: +44(0)207 354 0607

Consumer Project on Technology in Washington, DC
1621 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20009 USA .Tel.:
+1.202.332.2670,Fax: +1.202.332.2673

Consumer Project on Technology in Geneva
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Tel: +41 22 791 6727

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