[Fsfe-ie] de.lirio.us

Malcolm Tyrrell malcoh0l at yahoo.ie
Wed Jun 14 18:16:09 CEST 2006

A while ago, the social booking service de.lirio.us [1] was mentioned
on this list. It was set up to be a Free Software clone of the non-Free
Software del.icio.us [2] (which is now owned by Yahoo). I've just
discovered that de.lirio.us has been migrated to Simpy [3], and it
looks to me as if Simpy is not Free Software*.

Just thought I'd pass it on.


[1] http://de.lirio.us/
[2] http://del.icio.us/
[3] http://www.simpy.com/

* I doubt they'd assert that the API was open, unless the source
was closed.

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