[Fsfe-ie] spreading news (lessons from slashdotting the transcripts)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Fri Mar 3 02:34:24 CET 2006

On the night of Saturday 25th, I made a transcript of Stallman's GPLv3
speech from earlier that day, and I put it online:

That transcript became the focus of a slashdot story on March 1st:
(It also got a sidebar mention on Groklaw, and I plugged it in my blog and
various forums.)

Now I found a news article based on that transcript here:
(which includes a link to the transcript)

And this article also looks like it was made after reading the transcript:

I had already decided that when it was on slashdot I should have submitted a
story to community websites such as LWN.net, but now I realise that I also
should have notified some mainstream press too.

I guess that's another value of transcripts - journalists can easily search
them for topical words and find quotable comments.

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