[Fsfe-ie] "FOSS Means Business" is next Thursday (16th) in Belfast

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 9 16:00:25 CET 2006

The FOSS Means Business conference, Thursday March 16th, is just a
week away.

Belfast is just 2 hours by train from Dublin, and as well as the
keynotes by Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens, there will be
presentations by Zaheda Bhorat of Google, Les Timms of Open Source
Academy, and Owen Hughes of Oracle and plenty of breaks to get to know
the other people there.

Registration is not mandatory and there is no entrance fee, but to
give us a rough number for how many teas, coffees, chairs, and how
much food is needed, it would be helpful if people who are coming
would add their name to this wiki page:


There's information about travelling from other places to Belfast at:


And the day's agenda is at:


I don't know what sort of numbers would be necessary in order to say that
this is the biggest free software event the island has hosted, but it will
certainly be a contender.

The website is a wiki, so if there are any questions about the event or
about travelling, the site is one option.

Anyone interested in manning or wommaning an IFSO stall, please get in

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