[Fsfe-ie] Questionaire response: page moved - new deadline - volunteer sought.

Malcolm Tyrrell malcoh0l at yahoo.ie
Thu Mar 23 11:03:52 CET 2006

As many of you probably noticed, but were too polite to point out,
there was a typo in the name of the QuestionaireResponse page.
I have corrected now corrected it and the new page is at:


The deadline has been extended to the 31st of March (tomorrow

Unfortunately, I'm going on holiday tomorrow (well, unfortunately
for IFSO; I regard it a little more positively) and I won't be
able to finish the document and submit it. Can someone please
volunteer to do this? I have put the necessary links for the
EU and FFII pages on the page above. Our response doesn't have
to be perfect, but saying something is better than saying

Good luck,


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