[Fsfe-ie] Book Review: No Lobbyists As Such - The War over Software Patents in the European Union

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Florian Mueller has dedicated much of his recent life to the minutiae of 
European legislative process. With help from a host of others, he 
successfully fought software patents in Europe. Today he's announcing 
that he's written a book about the experience, delving deep into 
European government and legislative process, and delivering a unique and 
entertaining insight into the fusion of lobbying, open source software, 
and activism that defined the patent battle of Europe.


"It really reads like a spy novel, very instructive as well as 
entertaining and engaging."
(William New, IP Watch)

"You feel like you're standing in a parliament and talking directly to 
the politicians who made the decisions."
(Kaj Arnö, MySQL AB)

"This book vividly conveys the feeling of what we experienced."
(Benjamin Henrion, FFII Belgium)

The book can be ordered from http://www.no-lobbyists-as-such.com/

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