[Fsfe-ie] doing a PR for the release of Vista?

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Wed Nov 15 01:13:00 CET 2006

"Shane M. Coughlan" <shane at shaneland.co.uk> writes:
> gNewSense is one good possibility.  Novell SuSE is also committed to
> being free, though I believe they intend to keep firmware.  Ditto for
> Fedora.

If we endorse anything other than gNewSense, we would be sending the message
that distros with proprietary software and binary blobs are "better" than
fully free distros.

It seems that Nov 30th is the business release date, and January 30th is the
general release date.

I'm going to be away travelling from Nov 16th to Dec 4th, so I won't be able
to work on this (or maybe I can do a little).  Maybe we should aim for a PR
on Nov 30th, and something bigger for Jan 30th.

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