[Fsfe-ie] Recommended listening BBC R4 "Free and Open Source Software"

Teresa tmh1 at eircom.net
Fri Apr 13 19:13:32 CEST 2007

Open Source

Broadcast Wednesday 11 April 2007 21:00-21:30 (BBC Radio 4 FM)

Interviews with RMS, Jimmy Wales and the Co-ordinator of Digital Policy, 
Ministry of Culture in Brazil.

Paul Bennun finds out how Free and Open Source software is making its 
impact felt across the world, fuelling development and saving businesses 
millions of pounds. Produced by a global network of software enthusiasts 
and freely given away, community created computer programs can compete 
with big business. Their creators are driven by an ideology as much as 
price, challenging traditional intellectual property rights and placing 
power in the hands of the public rather than private corporations.

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