[Fsfe-ie] Volunteer request from Camara

Abey campbell abey.campbell at ucd.ie
Mon Aug 20 14:00:26 CEST 2007

Hi all,
        just to further Malcolm's mail to the list. If anybody is free I 
could give you a full tour of the operation  this thursday (23rd) from 
6.30 pm on , in our workshop (map link below). Also if you could forward 
on the invite to anyone you think would be interested on any other linux 
related / Free Software movement lists , we're looking to cross 
pollinated as much as possible ;-).  If you hear of anybody doing 
anything similar to ourselves please drop us an email as we are always 
on interested in finding out about other groups and seeing if we can 
work with them. Thanks again.

Abey Campbell

Map link:  http://www.camara.ie/contact/index.php

Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:

>Hi there.
>Abey Cambell was at the IFSO meeting last night to tell us about the
>work of Camara [1]. Camara is a register charity which fixes up PCs,
>install GNU/Linux on them (mostly Ubuntu) and send them to schools and
>colleges in Africa.
>They are particularly seeking volunteers to help with software issues
>(especially people with GNU/Linux expertise), but it sounds like any
>form of help would be welcomed.
>They hold workshops during the week. Abey suggested Thursday evenings
>as a good time to come along (see [2] for opening hours).
>I think Abey will send out a formal invite, but in the meanwhile, if
>you are interested, you can e-mail him:
>Abey dot Cambell at gmail dot com.
>[1] http://www.camara.ie
>[2] http://www.camara.ie/volunteer/dublin.php
>Good luck,
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Abey Campbell 

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