[Fsfe-ie] I complained to RTE about including Vista release on the 9o'clock news

Mel mmcweeney at linuxfactory.ie
Sat Feb 3 00:18:42 CET 2007

Representing only my personal opinion, I sent the following email to RTE following their inclusion of the Vista release on the main evening news at 9o'clock.  As yet, I don't know (because I didn't see) if the request to cut the item from subsequent broadcasts was done (offhand I'd suspect not).  But I felt that without representing any organisation, I should make the point I made, knowing what I know.
As I write, two days later, there has been no response other than the scrap I've attached below, but I think it's important that we challenge the sources of [mis]information, ideally collectively.  Going to be biased here and ask, did they cover gNewSense? Opensoursing of Solaris?  Software Patents? Anything else we stand for?
Maybe we need to be more aggressive as an organisation on this front, in the same way that Geldof challenged Governments and not individuals with Live8!!
Something to think about and possibly discuss.
OK - Here's what I sent on Wednesday... (from just myself)

Subject: Shame on RTE for promoting Windows Vista
Dear Sir/Madam,
It is bad enough that Microsoft have so corrupted the supply channels that vendors will not tell their customers about "free software", and as a result of their appalling products, spawned both the Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware industries, and yet, they have their predatory business practices advertised for free on the main evening news. Where was RTE news when the battle against Software Patents in Europe was in full swing? Where are RTE news now when Microsoft are attempting to fast-track their non-standard OO-XML through the international standards organisation vetting procedures? Microsoft lawyers are the best in the world, otherwise the company simply wouldn't exist, and have used their influence to corrupt and distort public opinion.
They don't need the help of RTE news. RTE news would serve it's viewers far better by visiting http://ifso.ie/ and listening to (in particular) the talks by Richard Stallman, and by educating themselves by viewing http://ffii.org/ in particular http://webshop.ffii.org/ - and subsequently cease and desist from advertising the arrival of new resource-hungry spyware. I hope there is somebody within your newsroom educated and competant enough in these matters to effect an immediate cessation to advertising this anti-consumer menace, preferably before the late-night news broadcasts.
Kind regards 
Mel McWeeney
PS: If nobody still working in the studio is informed about these issues, please cut this item from subsequent news.  And if still in doubt, search Google for the keywords "Microsoft FUD".  My search, one minute ago revealed (on a standard Google Search: "Results 1 - 10 of about 1,410,000 for Microsoft FUD. (0.21 seconds)". I will leave you to work out what FUD stands for, but for many it's a real word.  If almost 1.5 million posts have been made about an issue, the public should be told, or at least, the perpretrator not freely advertised!!

Subject:   	RE: Shame on RTE for promoting Windows Vista
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Date:   	Wed, January 31, 2007 5:09 pm
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Dear Mr McWeeney,
Your e-mail is being forwarded to the RTÉ Newsdesk for information.
With best regards
Nina Ward
RTÉ Information Officer

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