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FYI... :-)

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Subject: [ILUG] PotD, Dublin...
From: Gareth 'bigbro' Eason <bigbro at skynet.ie>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2007 15:32:33 +0000
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	There shall be a PotD in the Long Stone, Townsend Street, Dublin, 
Ireland - starting from 7:00pm (Irish Time) on Wednesday 7th Feb.

	This shall follow an ILUG Committee meeting starting at
6pm (Irish Time) in the same place.

	There is a number of reasons for this:
1. I have some Sybase goodies to give away. They shall be distributed by 
some kind of raffle to people who are in attendance on the evening. 
Probably about 8pm to allow the latecomers to join us.

2. It's my birthday today so I want beer.

3. I'm no longer on anti-biotics so I'm allowed drink again. Yay!

4. I'm back in the country after a week in sunny Romania, (using Linux, 
naturally :-)  )

5. Because out last PotD was before the PHPUG, and we can't let them 
think they can just have a PotD without us retaliating and having our 
own ;-)
(All PHPUG members are of course, invited and very welcome to join us :)  )

	Best regards,

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