[Fsfe-ie] What's the point of a free software business event?

Shane M. Coughlan shane at shaneland.co.uk
Fri Jan 12 16:44:27 CET 2007

Brian Cleland wrote:
> Rishab Ghosh - the primary author of the Floss Impact report linked
> below - will be speaking at an event in Dublin on March 2nd.
> The event will be organised by OpenIreland - http://www.openireland.org/

The Open Ireland website is rather fragmentary these days.  There is
unclear information about the events.

For example, when it comes to listing speakers at the Open Ireland
launch event (I thought Open Ireland has existed for a while):


Rishab Ghosch
FlossImpact 	Rishab Bio
FlossImpact Summary
Someone from IBM
Someone from Forfas
Someone from OpenIreland
OpenIreland 	Speaker Bio
Intro to openIreland


I find this all a bit strange.  I'm on the Open Ireland mailing list and
there has been no traffic as far as I am aware of to mention this event.



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