[Fsfe-ie] IFSO Meeting: Wednesday 17th January, 2000h, Mahaffey's Pub

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Mon Jan 15 14:13:54 CET 2007

Malcolm Tyrrell <malcoh0l at yahoo.ie> writes:
> This Wednesday is the third of the month, so there will be an
> IFSO meeting. Mahaffey's pub from 8pm:

I'd like the Dublin-based "FOSS Means Business 2007" event to be discussed
at this meeting.  We have to either get it off the ground, or, well, leave
it in the ground :-/

I'll be there, as will Brian C. and Paul O'Malley (IIRC), and Glenn(?).  We
have people in Newry, Belfast, and Brussels interested in making this
happen, but I think we need another one or two Dublin-based people.

We might also need to talk about what speakers are appropriate and who
should we tell the speakers to aim their talk at (is it an audience with
some decision makers mixed in?  or is it an audience of free software
supporters who want to stock up on examples, arguments, and case studies
which they can use when pushing for free software use in their workplaces?)

My last mail on this subject generated a few phone calls, so even though
there were no on-list replies, there is interest.

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