[Fsfe-ie] Software patents to be studied again at EPO

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Mon Jul 23 14:00:18 CEST 2007



"Scenarios for the future. How might IP regimes evolve by 2025? What 
global legitimacy might such regimes have?"

Over the last two years the European Patent Office has interviewed 
around 150 key players - including critics - from the fields of science, 
business, politics, ethics, economics and law, for their opinions on how 
the copyright and patent system might evolve over the coming years. Four 
scenarios were developed which although focusing on patents, feature the 
A2K movement, libraries, open access and open source software in a 
readable, interesting compendium.


Ben North wrote:
> The new President, Alison Brimelow, has an interview up at
>    http://www.epo.org/about-us/press/backgrounders/interview.html
> (linked to from Register article).  She says in that interview that she
> rejects the "more patents == good" argument, and talks about "the theme
> of quality and fitness-for-purpose of the patent system" as one of the
> challenges she faces.  Quite encouraging.
> Given that we have missed that swpat meeting, should we (or FSFE) try to
> find out what happened, and find out how we can participate in the
> future?
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