[Fsfe-ie] GPLv3 last days for comment, and other news links

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Wed Jun 6 13:12:23 CEST 2007

The fourth-and-last discussion draft of GPLv3 was released last week.  The
plan is to continue the public consultation until June 29th and then finally
release the official GPLv3.  So, if you might have a comment, take a look

The text of discussion draft 4 can be seen here:

And that's also the page where you can make a comment.  You first make an
account, and then you can highlight a piece of text, press 'c', and enter
your comment in the box that appears.

For an explanation of what's changed, here's one of Stallman's

And here's a FAQ explaining some parts, such as the exception to
tivoisation, in more detail:

In other news, Creative Commons look to have dropped some of the licences so
that the remaining licences all permit non-commercial redistribution:

Xandros seem to have made a very stupid patent deal with Microsoft:
(It's like the Novell one, but Xandros are dumber since the dated clause in
GPLv3 that exempts Novell will not also exempt Xandros.)

GNU Emacs 22 was finally released:

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