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Does anyone know what government department the NSAI belongs to? I know
it's an independent body, but it gets its funding from somewhere.



Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
> Just got off the phone to NSAI.  Ireland's vote was for approval.  Worse,
> it
> now looks certain that MS's OOXML will get overall approval.
> A running tally of votes is being kept on Andy Updegrove's blog:
> http://www.consortiuminfo.org/standardsblog/article.php?story=20080329071456170
> The NSAI's vote in September was for disapproval, and their press release
> said that they would only change their vote:
>   "If the Technical Comments are satisfactorily resolved and incorporated
>    into a new draft".
> IFSO wrote to NSAI reminding them of this earlier this month:
> http://www.ifso.ie/documents/correspondence/20080311iso-ooxml2.pdf
> (Thanks to Ben North for getting that letter written and sent)
> Given the mess that was the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) in Geneva
> (where
> it was decided there was just no time to discuss the problems, so ISO just
> had a bulk vote and approved everything without review), I'm very
> surprised
> that anyone could conclude that Ireland's Technical Comments were
> resolved.
> I put links to reports of the BRM in a blog entry:
> http://www.fsfe.org/de/fellows/ciaran/ciaran_s_free_software_notes/reading_the_recent_post_brm_ooxml_news
> More news is appearing on:
> http://groklaw.net/
> http://www.noooxml.org/
> Allegations of vote irregularities among European national standards
> bodies
> are rife.
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