[Fsfe-ie] OpenMoko Neo Freerunner on sale, bulk buy special

Sean O'Donnell sean at odonnell.nu
Thu Jun 26 17:35:12 CEST 2008

>> From what I've heard, this version is definitely not ready to be a used as
>> your main mobile phone, and you should be ok with installing and upgrading
>> software.
> Do you mind me asking where you heard this? I got the original neo and it
> was definitely barely an alpha. I had higher hopes for the FreeRunner, as
> did most of those who bought the original but maybe that was too much to
> expect?? Or are your comments possibly directed at the original neo phone?
>>  I don't know much else about the reliability or feature set.  I
>> saw complaints about batter life, but I also saw people saying that was
>> largely fixed recently.

Michael Shiloh from openmoko was at the IOTC last week, and he also said
that the software stack was not ready for the average consumer yet. Got
to play with one and it was very very very basic, hardware was nice
though and the screen is fantastic.

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