[Fsfe-ie] ISO approval actually likely (was: Re: OOXML doesn't get support...)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Mon Mar 3 11:53:21 CET 2008

It seems my Friday night reading of the ISO BRM coverage was overly
optimistic.  It's true that the national bodies didn't have time to even
look at 80% of the problems with the spec, and the vote confirmed that the
national bodies do not see the issues as having been resolved by the BRM, but
despite this, people who were in Geneva tell me that it still looks
realistic that OOXML *will* get ISO approval.

It's not obvious to me how that can be the case, but it is.  So there's one
more month of work to do before the real decision.

I've collected some good press and blog coverage here:

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