[Fsfe-ie] Ireland approved OOXML

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Mon Mar 31 12:04:29 CEST 2008

Just got off the phone to NSAI.  Ireland's vote was for approval.  Worse, it
now looks certain that MS's OOXML will get overall approval.

A running tally of votes is being kept on Andy Updegrove's blog:

The NSAI's vote in September was for disapproval, and their press release
said that they would only change their vote:

  "If the Technical Comments are satisfactorily resolved and incorporated
   into a new draft".

IFSO wrote to NSAI reminding them of this earlier this month:
(Thanks to Ben North for getting that letter written and sent)

Given the mess that was the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) in Geneva (where
it was decided there was just no time to discuss the problems, so ISO just
had a bulk vote and approved everything without review), I'm very surprised
that anyone could conclude that Ireland's Technical Comments were resolved.

I put links to reports of the BRM in a blog entry:

More news is appearing on:

Allegations of vote irregularities among European national standards bodies
are rife.

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